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EXCITING NEWS!!! BF Goodrich Radial Tyres

Visit our shop to see our new range of BF Goodrich radial tyres.  Available in a wide range of sizes. 


We can now supply a fantastic range of wheels for your classic car, truck or van.  And at competitive prices too.  Have a look at our Wheels page for more information and visit our shop to see the full range.  As always, if you have any questions just get in touch. 

Kontio WhitePaw classic 40mm

Kontio WhitePaw classic 40mm

New Whitewall Styles and Sizes Coming Soon:

We will soon have some completely new tyre sizes & some new whitewall sizes added to our existing range.

See below for sizes & widths:

195/75R14 92R/S 23/8" (60mm) whitewall

215/75R14 100R/S - 25/8" (67mm) whitewall

215/75R14 100S/T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall

155/80R15 83R/S - 23/8" (60mm) whitewall

155/80R15 83T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall

195/75R15 94R/S - 23/8" (60mm) whitewall

195/75R15 94S/T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall

NEW Narrow WhitePaw Classics

205/75R15 97S/T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall

215/75R15 100S/T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall

225/75R15 102S/T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall

235/75R15 108S/T - 11/2" (40mm) whitewall


BARZETTA BAROQUE Classic Merc Rim None polished/Polished Lip

Great news for classic Mercedes owners:

We now have in our porfolio the Barzetta Baroque rims for your classic Mercs. If you have one of the listed models and years listed below please get in touch as these will be the finishing touch to your pride & joy.

Audi Model Vm Division Centre hole

Audi QUATTRO V8:90 to 945x112 57.1

Audi QUATTRO:84 - 915x112 57.1

Mercedes Model Vm Division Centre hole

Mercedes 114/115:68 - 765x112 66.6

Mercedes 190:85 - 935x112 66.6

Mercedes 200/8, 250/8:76 to 855x112 66.6

Mercedes E Class Convertible 2 Doors1985-19965x112 66.6

Mercedes E Class Coupe 2 Doors1985-19965x112 66.6

Mercedes E Class Estate 5 Doors1985-19965x112 66.6

Mercedes E-Class:85 - 965x112 66.6

Mercedes E Class: W123, T123, C12376 to 855x112 66.6

Mercedes S Class:80 - 915x112 66.6

Mercedes S Class: W11672 to 805x112 66.6

Mercedes SL, SEC:71 - 895x112 66.6

Mercedes USA SL, SEC:71 - 895x112 66.6

TVR Model Vm Division Centre hole

TVR S SERIES:86 - 945x112 63.4

TVR TASMIN:80 to 885x112 63.4

Neil Bennett
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